IpTL is a Designer & Manufacturer of Ethernet Solutions
We Simplify Remote Access Connectivity & Easily Eliminate Network Threats
  • Easily Connect your Multisite Remote VoIP, Video, ERP/Database and devices to your Headend or Cloud

Easy, Reliable, Low-Cost Remote Access and VPN for your Devices, Applications & Sites

IpTL’s Secure Remote Access appliances simplify and lower costs for remote access connectivity and eliminates cyber network threats from spoofing, snooping, and backdoors. In other words, get verifiable device security and reliable remote access connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about device threats, remote access troubles, or extra costs.

Only IpTL can deliver an already-figured-out-for-you solution for:

  • Easy and reliable end-to-end secure connectivity over any commodity Internet without P2P or relay servers
  • Endpoint device network access control security providing non-spoofable multi-factor identity protection
  • Ethernet Extender, LAN Extension, and Bridged VPN over any Internet Connectionds

                          The most cost-effective and absolutely reliable way to securely network all your sites over the Internet.

The World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™

Sometimes you just need to make one LAN appear remotely so everything works just like it is sitting in your office.  IpTL is the only Ethernet Extender & LAN Extender that can give you transparent LAN access anywhere in the world over any Internet connection.

Most Ethernet Extenders rely on some sort of physical wired infrastructure such as coax or twisted pairs of wires. For many applications this is fine, but what do you do when you don’t have this infrastructure?

IpTL FastLane appliances make easy work connecting your networks over any Internet link – transparently and securely.

  • Unblocked, Reliable, & Secure Dynamic IP VPN with Internet Failover

The most cost-effective and absolutely reliable way to securely network all your sites over the Internet.

Our Appliances Connect You over Any Internet – Including Dynamic IP

Our appliances connect your networks together without the troubles and blocks of traditional IPsec VPNs.  IPsec from ANY vendor is a bad choice.  It has troubles with NAT routers, Dynamic IP, is difficult to configure, steals bandwidth, causes hang-ups, and is down right unreliable.  IPsec is also extremely easy to filter and block and is a Layer-3 protocol only.   What a mess.

Only IpTL can connect your remote network devices together over any Internet link without the troubles and blocks like IPsec.

IpTL can port-hop and run bonded tunnels automatically
Gives you a true security end-to-end with dynamic keying, AES256/X.509 out of the box
Obfuscates the VPN and removes the finger print of the tunnels and packet shaping to hide Voip/Video UC

  • SuperNAC™ IoT Network Access Control

    Software Defined Perimeter with Secure Remote Access, Micro-segmentation, & Conditional Connectivity

Protecting Local Devices & Remote Network Infrastructure from Snooping, Spoofing, and Tampering
SuperNAC™ extends, protects, and automates the protection of local and remote control of  IP Cameras, Access Control, and O/T devices.  With agentless zero-trust conditional access control features, SuperNAC™ actively protects your network, data, and assures the identity of your IoT devices.

IpTL’s armored remote access tunneling technologies and SuperNAC™ provides the most cost-effective agentless zero-trust network access control to share your remote IoT/M2M devices & applications over any network.

SuperNAC™ can provide agentless identity attribution and provide dynamic data switching.  Going beyond looking at just packet headers or MAC addresses, it provides positive assurance that the device you are talking to hasn’t been swapped out.  Using active and passive profiling technologies, SuperNAC™ can model the posture of any network device.

IpTL’s patent-pending TrustACL-CERT™ can verify a device’s X.509 cert as well as use built-in v3 cert extensions to control dynamic switching, ACLs, and segmentation for precision control on how and where communications can occur.

SuperNAC™ can also verify a cert through a public Cert Authority or locally with its own built-in authority enabling the use of self-signed certs for true absolute security. For ultimate security, multiple identity methods can be “stacked” to lock-down your important network devices.

Work-from-Home Pop-Up Remote Access Plug & Play, Easy & Direct WFH VPN Tunneling

If you need to get your remote multisite users on-line IpTL’s GoRemote™ LAN Extension VPN appliances get you up and productive NOW…without wasting time…without configurations…and completely secure.

– Plug-and-Play                                             – Deploy a link over generic Internet such as xDSL, Cable, or Fiber services
– No Router Configurations                         – No need to setup up port forwards
– Works with Dynamic IP                              – Use the Interenet you have to get the network you want
– Unblocked Transparent Networking       – Your remote users are “on your LAN”  just like they are in the office
– NOT A P2P Service                                      – Data is always between your endpoints and over your link
– Clientless no software client                    – works with PC’s, MACs, Phones, and any Ethernet based devices

Bring to market innovations which enable connectivity, control, and monitoring of IP/Ethernet flows.