International MPLS

About MPLS

International MPLS link of Omantel can connect your local offices and networks to your offices outside of Iran, and international datacenters.

Your link will have a guaranteed bandwidth with your desired Class of Service. Omantel is contributing in 14 international cables and it can be a trusted partner for your international connectivity.

Moreover Omantel can manage your end-to-end link with cooperation of TIC and local partners.

What does MPLS do for you?

If your company needs a stable and secure point-to-point link with guaranteed bandwidth, to connect your offices internationally, Omantel is a suitable partner for your company.

By participating in 14 international cables, having backup links inside Iran, and also cooperating with global partners, Omantel can provide a diverse solution for your company.

Establishing an international MPLS link

Omantel officially cooperates with TIC to establish international MPLS link.

By having 4 points of connection to Iran, Omantel has a big advantage in providing all kinds of connectivity services to Iran.

In order to establish the international MPLS link, first your compnay should be connected to TIC MPLS router.

TIC will connect you to Omantel connections and from that point, Omantel will take your connection to your destination.